Current Columbia eMERGE workgroups:


Phenotyping Workgroup is tasked with creation, validation, and execution of phenotype algorithms across the network and beyond. Columbia University Professor George Hripcsak is leading this effort.


Genomics Workgroup aims to create a single and uniform data set for all individuals genotyped across the network.


Return of Results (RoR)/ Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) Workgroup defines an initial set of variants that are potentially useful in clinical practice for purposes such as assessment of genetic risk for complex disorders or selection or dosing of drugs, focusing on common disease risk variants and pharmacogenetic variants for which we expect to have data; assesses the levels of evidence supporting these variants and consider the cost and benefit of incorporating them into patient care.


EHR Integration (EHRI) Workgroup aims to develop standards and methods for incorporating genomic data into the EHR and optimizing the utilization of that data for patients and physicians.


Clinical Annotation Workgroup works with Central Sequencing and Genotyping Centers to make pathogenic/non-pathogenic calls on samples.


Outcomes Workgroup aims to study economic and non-economic outcomes of genomic research integrated into healthcare.